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4 June 2012

Jaspersoft PaaS Leadership

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I was pleased to come across the article “Jaspersoft Takes Early Lead In BI Market For PaaS” today.

The final paragraph was the most interesting to me. It lays out a brief argument about the importance of Platform as a Server (PaaS) in general as well as its importance to the Business Intelligence (BI) world in particular. Many people think of “the cloud” as comprising a group of Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings like salesforce.com or GMail or other specialized hosted software. That’s correct. The software is hosted, so you don’t need to install or maintain anything. Just use it. This is much of the promise of “the cloud”.

Others think of “the cloud” as comprising Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) vendors like Amazon EC2, GoGrid, and RackSpace. They give you a server whenever you want one for just as long as you want one. Installing any software is up to you. The audience for these offerings is quite different. And the benefit of IaaS is huge just like it is for SaaS.

PaaS doesn’t get quite the respect of the other cloud offerings. There are articles which accurately describe the different flavors of cloud options. But they stop short of recognizing the importance of PaaS. There will be a steeply increasing number of cloud offerings relying on PaaS in 2012 and 2013. The database and application server can be provided in a stable format allowing developers to have have greatly increased productivity as they write new applications. This will apply to both traditional SaaS offerings built on top of PaaS as well as to internal IT groups that want more efficient ways of providing internal applications.

Jaspersoft has made a conscious decision to work with the leading PaaS offerings because we see PaaS as strategic for the next several years. Because of that, it’s great to see external validation of this direction.

EDIT: TDWI also cites Jaspersoft leadership in PaaS.


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