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Matthew Dahlman’s professional experience has focused on database related technologies including database design, development, application servers, data integration, and business intelligence. He currently works at Semarchy.

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  1. Hi Matthew

    You posted an interesting reply on Stack Overflow to a question regarding JasperReport and the re-use of a CSV data source by way of a helper class.

    How does one use the helper class?
    – Set it up as the data source parameter sent from the Java class to he jasper class?
    – Set the Data Source Expression in iReport?

    Alwyn van Wyk

    Comment by Alwyn van Wyk — 24 January 2012 @ 15:49

  2. Hi Matthew

    My previous comment must have seemed completely off base – my apologies!
    No need to reply to any of this, though, since I was able to use your recommendation in the post to solve my problem.

    Thank you!
    Alwyn van Wyk

    Comment by Alwyn van Wyk — 25 January 2012 @ 12:46

    • Woo hoo!
      Don’t worry: there are a lot of moving parts. It takes a while to I’m really pleased to hear that it’s working well for you now.

      Comment by mdahlman — 25 January 2012 @ 13:08

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